It Takes a College to teach a Student

It takes a College to build a student and their Habits of Mind

A habit is an acquired disposition to respond in particular ways.

Friday February 22, 2013

San Diego Miramar College- L-105

In this two hour event uncover proven techniques to help build students into the lifelong learners we strive to create. During this interactive event we will work through common scenarios, employing these proven strategies, with the goal of empowering students.

Here from the experts why Habits of Mind is worth investigating.













Carol Dweck Mindset article

GRIT- by Angela Duckworth


9:00-9:30  Check in and Coffee/Tea

9:30-9:55 introduction to Habits of Mind

9:55-11:05 Understanding Habits of Mind on your campuses

11:05-11:30 Wrap up and Share out