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This blog is designed for you to connect with colleagues in your own regional network as well as the larger Network across the state.   It contains categorized posts and pages that will allow you to share both your ideas and your challenges.  And every other week,  a new effective practice from the Poppy Copy will be posted in the “welcome” category where you can use VoiceThread (a program that allows you to leave messages in voice!) to share with and hear ideas from others regarding how you are meeting that practice on your campus.   But our network success relies upon you!  We need comments, questions, sharing, and participation from all, so check our blog site often–and check the blog sites from the other regional networks, too.  We can build a Network filled with camaraderie, collegiality, and community, but it all depends upon your support and participation.  Together, we can!

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Pilot Colleges in the SCVN

Sacramento/Central Valley Network Coordinator

Nancy Cook


Contact Me:
(707) 328-8643

Nancy Cook is the coordinator of the Learning Center at Sierra College in Rocklin. Nancy has worked in education and basic skills for nearly twenty years.  She played a major role in creating the Academic Foundations Program at Sierra College, a developmental education program that includes courses, support services, and special programs and projects all designed to help increase the success rate of students with basic skills needs. To further enhance student success, Nancy also led efforts to implement a series of Student Success Workshops, and she facilitated the combination of several services into one user-friendly, centralized Learning Center. Also under Nancy’s leadership, Sierra College won the Dale Tillery Award for Educational Leadership for the Academic Foundation Program’s Equity Plan, which co-mingled developmental and underrepresented student needs in order to enhance the success of both. During the past two years, Nancy has worked with the state Basic Skills Initiative, serving in 2007 as a presenter at Regional Meetings and then in 2008 as a Project Coordinator.  Nancy received her BA degree in English from Sterling College and her MA degree in English from Fort Hays State University, both in Kansas.