Phase 2: Developing New Approaches


Saddleback College

A great Assessment program always provides an opportunity for students to review sample English and math questions prior to their actual assessment test date.

Cohort Programs

Chabot College

Some of the major benefits of cohort programs include:

  • Students know when they will take classes, with whom.
  • Cohort classes are usually pre-planned and prescriptive.
  • Cohort programs offer community building and collaboration opportunities.
  • Students build relationships with people who have similar goals.
  • Networking opportunities are created among students and instructors.


Example Programs





El Camino College

An intrusive model of counseling is action-oriented, involving, and motivates students to seek help when needed.  It is a process of identifying students at crisis points.  Intrusive counseling is based on the philosophy that the counselor and the student share responsibility for student academic success or failure (Connell, 2003). Counselors at El Camino College utilize this technique with new students to identify and address barriers that might impact their academic success.

According to Thomas and Minton (2004), Intrusive Counselors…

  • must truly know the college or university.
  • must not only know the resources of the college, but know the staff involved in the various programs.
  • should be trained in all relevant areas (academic and non-academic) that have a direct impact on the student’s well being and success.
  • should be available, so that they can be reached by the student when needed.
  • should monitor student progress at all times.
  • maintain clear boundaries with the student.


Read an article about Intrusive Counseling


Learning Communities

Cerritos College

Mt. San Antonio College


What Is a Learning Community?

Learning communities promote and maximize student learning potential in and out of the classroom (Pascarella & Terenzini, 1991, 2005; Price, 2005). The research (Tinto, 1987; 1989; 1997; 2006) describes a learning community as exhibiting four basic categories of learning: curricular, classroom, residential, and student-type. The benefits for students who participate in a learning community are greater satisfaction with college life, improved quality of thinking and communication, a better understanding of self, and the ability to navigate and bridge the gap between their academic and social worlds (Kuh et al., 2005; Kuh et al, 1991). Vincent Tinto described learning communities as being

…any of a variety of curricular structures that link together several existing courses or actually restructure the material entirely, so that students have opportunities for deeper understanding and integration of the material they are learning, and more interaction with one another and their teachers as fellow participants. (p. 602)


Other Learning Community Links

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LaGuardia Community College

Student Technology Mentors (STMs)

The STM Program creates partnerships between students and faculty in exploring the use of digital media in the classroom. STMs receive intensive training and unique experiences that prepare them for success in education and career. They work closely with LaGuardia faculty, helping them design, create, utilize, and maintain technology-enriched teaching resources.


Fresno City College

An Online Orientation is a great approach to increasing persistence among first-entry students.  For Fresno City College students, they are able to access their college orientation via the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Student Centered Syllabus (Still working on…)






Success Oriented Courses/FYE

Valencia Community College

Bridges to Success Program

The Bridges To Success Program is designed to enhance skills needed for academic success. The program will provide an academic, cultural, and social road map that has proven successful in graduating our ethnically diverse student population.  The Bridges To Success Program begins with a six-week summer program (Bridges To Success Summer Program).

Dear Valencia…Video

Data Notes



Tutoring Programs and Centers


Chaffey College/Success Centers

Chaffey College Success Centers enhance the college learning experience by providing supplemental learning activities and one-to-one tutoring in most academic subjects.

Research Briefs