LINKS 7 – A Look at Successful Completion Agenda Programs

3CSN is partnering with the RP Group to offer a workshop that focuses on learning about two successful completion agenda movements.Completion by Design
  • Completion by Design: A five-year Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation initiative in which community colleges are developing coherent pathways of study and redesigning the student experience to increase the ability of students to earn certificates and degrees as well as raise their labor market value. The aim of the initiative is to raise community college completion rates for large numbers of students while containing college costs, maintaining open access, and ensuring the quality of college programs and credentials.
  • SSR_logo_website_675Student Support (Re)defined: A three-year study conducted by the RP Group articulating how student support, both inside and outside the classroom, can be delivered in a cost-effective manner so that community colleges can narrow the achievement gap for Latino and African-American students and enable more students to achieve transfer, a degree and/or certificate.
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LINKS to articles referred to during the presentation