Equity 102: Critical Reflection and Critical Action for Praxis: Finding our Way to System-wide Transformation and the Creation of Equitable College Ecosystems

Prerequisite:  Successful Completion of Equity 101 is required to enroll in Equity 102.


In Equity 102, we will build our capacity for personal and collective praxis in our colleges to transform them into equitable ecosystems.

Like pacific wayfinders who use the sun, moon, stars, ocean currents, and other signs of nature to find their way, California Community Colleges must call upon a variety of practices and resources to find our way to equity and the creation of equitable college ecosystems.

But what are the equivalent sun, moon, stars, etc. to help us find our way? And how do we move beyond setting “Equity” as a final destination, disembodied from critical action and social justice? How do we find our way to equity and the creation of equitable ecosystems?

In Equity 101, we engaged in the scholarship of teaching and learning for educational equity and social justice.  We reflected on our core beliefs and practices as educators, and we learned some of the many teaching and learning perspectives for equity and social justice to deepen our practice as educators.

In Equity 102, we’ll find our way through (1) building intentional community and allyship through the creation of brave space; (2)  deepening our knowledge as equity practitioners; (3) engaging in dialogue and inquiry, and; (4) increasing our capacity to engage in praxis- reflection in action upon the world to transform it.

Equity is the result of embodied action, action that’s anchored in knowledge, reflection, collaboration, and social justice; these 4 practices will help us build our capacity to wayfind in our institutions in search of equity and to create equitable ecosystems.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • Build intentional community through allyship and the creation of brave space.
  • Deepen knowledge of equity principles and practices.
  • Engage in ongoing dialogue and inquiry.
  • Increase their capacity to engage in praxis- reflection in action upon the world to transform it.

Inquiry Topics

Module 0: Building Intentional Community

Module 1: Allyship and Brave Space

Module 2: Critical Consciousness and Praxis

Module 3: Inner Work and Systems-Thinking

Module 4: Positionality and Unearned Privilege

Module 5: Intersectionality

Module 6: Unconscious/Implicit Bias and Microaggressions

Module 7: (Inter/Multi/Cross)Cultural Competence and Cultural Humility

Certificate:  Upon successful completion, participants will get a certificate to verify hours completed. 

Optional Units: Three (3) post-baccalaureate units will be available for an additional cost ($300, or $100 per unit) from California State University-Dominguez Hills, College of Extended Education. Purchasing CEUs is completely optional, and not required for registration in the course. Course facilitators will provide more information about signing up for the units after the course has begun.

Course Texts:

All texts are provided via links in our course modules. I’ve chosen to not require you to purchase any texts, in the hopes of making this course as accessible as possible to all educators. We will take advantage of the fantastic, free sources available via the web.

 Questions?  Contact Lauren Servais at lservais@marin.edu