Guidelines for Implementing Acceleration

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Where is your college on the need for accelerated developmental English/Math?

Phase One: Awareness Building

We need to get a discussion going about the problem and potential solutions

  • Develop a Core Group of Champions to Advocate for Acceleration on Campus
  • Work with Institutional Research Office to Assess Local Campus Data

For complete Phase One guidelines, click here.

Phase Two: Developing Accelerated Pilots

We’re aware of the problem and now it’s time to do something about it

  • Convene a working group to investigate different approaches to acceleration and determine which to propose as pilot(s)
  • Develop pilot(s) – create an experimental course outline and shepherd it through local curriculum approval process, create a plan for evaluating the pilot(s), develop curricula and course materials
  • Teach first sections of pilot(s), with an eye toward documentation (challenges, exciting discoveries, sample assignments and student work)
  • Work with Institutional Research office to compare pilot cohort’s completion of college-level course with baseline data from traditional sequence

Phase Three: Expanding and Refining Accelerated Approaches

We have some good practices in place, and we want to reach more students and further improve our results

  • Guidelines coming soon.