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Leadership Institute Mentors

Nancy Ybarra

Nancy Ybarra has been an instructor of basic skills English at Los Medanos College for 27 years. She teaches integrated reading and writing courses at the precollegiate level. She has been a leader in the design, implementation and coordination of the LMC Developmental Education program for the last 10 years, and co-coordinator of the college wide assessment program, the Teaching and Learning Project. She has also served as professional development coordinator, Title III Activity Director, and co-coordinator of the SPECC grant, a project that focused on faculty inquiry in teaching communities. Nancy has a Master’s degree in education from St. Mary’s College, and a certificate in the teaching of reading at the postsecondary level from San Francisco State.

Brock Klein

brock1Brock Klein is an associate professor of ESL and director of Pasadena City College’s Teaching and Learning Center (TLC).  Dr. Klein has managed and evaluated a variety of learning community and career pathway programs and has facilitated faculty inquiry groups for basic skills faculty and administrators. He has also co-written numerous successful grant proposals, including a US Department of Education Title V grant, a National Science Foundation grant, the Hewlett/Carnegie Foundations grant, “Strengthening Pre-Collegiate Education in Community Colleges” (SPECC), and the Irvine Foundation grant, “Student Support Partnership Integrating Resources and Education” (SSPIRE).Dr. Klein received his Master’s in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Southern California and his Doctorate in Education from the University of California at Los Angeles.  He has presented extensively on basic skills program management, evaluation, and professional development.  More information about Pasadena City College’s Teaching and Learning Center can be found at www.pasadena.edu/tlc.