A Statewide Initiative to Increase Student Completion Rates

[pullquote align=”right”]Millions come through our open doors. But only a fraction transfer or complete credentials.

What happens in between, and what can we do about it?[/pullquote]Starting in Fall 2010, 3CSN began spotlighting key momentum points where community colleges lose large numbers of students before they reach a longer-term goal (transfer, degrees, certificates):

  • Many students don’t return after their first semester
  • Others fall away inside long course sequences in ESL or developmental English and Math
  • Others establish a foothold at the college but then are lost on the path toward transfer

Community colleges across California are invited to join 3CSN in a process of INQUIRY and ACTION to increase the numbers of students making it through each momentum point. This website is envisioned as a space where colleges can find helpful resources and guidance for addressing each area, so that more students gain momentum toward their larger goals.


How many new students persist from the fall to spring terms?
How many students make it through developmental sequences and complete a college-level course in English and Math?
How many students who have earned 12 units and attempted a college English or Math course actually go on to transfer?