Be Sustained – Deeper Dives

Be Sustained: Join us as we do some deep collaborative inquiry around:

  • What do we know about how learning works, and how can we redesign our institutions to best support learning?
  • How can all stakeholders, especially students, better understand how our systems work and participate equitably in our transformation work?
  • As we transform, how do we design for inclusive collaboration and genuine integration across our institutions?

Know Facilitation – Know Transformation:

  • Facilitator Learning Community (FLC) – focused on designing and facilitating effective learning in all areas of campus, including classrooms, meetings, committees, and professional learning settings
  • Faculty Learning Program – supports STEM faculty to redefine their role in the active learning college classroom

 Know Praxis – Know Transformation:

  • Equity 101 – online class focused on teaching and learning perspectives for equity and social justice
  • Integrated Reading and Writing (IRW) Learning Community – supports educators from across campus to investigate the role of discipline and context-specific literacies in sustaining equitable learning environments
  • Growth Mindset for Guided Pathways – supports planning for and implementation of Guided Pathways

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Be Transformational: BSILI: Leadership for Curricular and Institutional Transformation

@ UCLA Conference Center in Lake Arrowhead

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