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Intentionally Designed for Online

Although each session topic features tailored learning goals, all sessions in the series are anchored to 3CSN’s mission, values (link:, and theory of change (link:

To create a sense of community in online environments in order to support student engagement and retention.

  • To learn together in order to support our professional identity development in an online environment.
  • To provide our 3CSN network with opportunities to dialogue, share, build and strengthen knowledge, and engage in productive struggle in community.

The Wayfinding Online Series is highly structured. There is a presentation template and facilitator guide that is used for all sessions, which allows for continuity in instruction and discussion. There are support coordinators in each session; they are responsible for monitoring and answering chat questions and providing technical support during the session. All participant questions are recorded in order to follow up with participants who attended that specific session and to assist in the ongoing development of a FAQ (link: posted on our 3CSN Community Workshops & Resources for Online Engagement & Support (link: Padlet.

Our facilitator guides, support roles, and presentation templates continue to be revised so that they meet the needs of our participants.

Image description: an easel holding a poster with the following quote: “I enjoyed…the presentations, and remind myself that there is more work for me to do to make my sessions more equitable. The first is to have alternative assignments and multiple modalities for response for students. The second [is] to put students at the center of the grading process – for them to reflect on their own work and provide feedback for themselves.”

Image Description:  Wayfinding Online Infographic–Wayfinding Online Participants Reported Valuing:  75% More prepared for remote course(s), 63% Supported by 3CSN facilitators, 61% sense of community with other educators, n=307 

Image Description:  Wayfinding Online Infographic–  55% of participants surveyed were new to 3CSN.  What brought them to the series? 60% attended with the goal of “learning basic functions of an online tool,” 48% wanted to “see examples of other educators’ use of an online tool,” 36% wanted to “meet and discuss online learning with other community college educators,” 43% wanted to “learn how to engage students in an online environment.” n=307

Spotlight on Classified Professionals Community Hour

Since the onset of Wayfinding Online, 3CSN provided a space for classified community college professionals to come together and discuss their experiences in working in a remote environment. Often, there is a lack of classified professional learning centered on student success and institutional change. The Classified Professional Community Hour has served more than 600 professionals across the state.

Click play to access a recording of Betina Vallin, 3CSN Systems Analyst, sharing her experience with Wayfinding Online: