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These Core Events integrate the work done through the Communities of Practice and the work done throughout the regions, showcasing successful practices and emerging knowledge from across the state. At these statewide events, all faculty, classified staff, administrators, students, peer educators, and other members of the educational community are invited to investigate strategies to transform identities and institutions to make colleges more student-ready.

Leadership Opportunities

3CSN is a practitioner-driven organization that provides opportunities for leadership in and outside the network. Believing the motto, “Each one bring one, each one teach one,” 3CSN builds upon colleges’ capital by weaving together research-based learning frameworks such as Appreciative Inquiry (link: and provides colleges the time and space to do real professional learning in community with each other.

BSILI: The foundational event of 3CSN is BSILI: Leadership for Curricular & Institutional Transformation, (link: a week-long leadership institute held each summer at the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center. At BSILI, an annual cohort of cross-functional campus teams comprised of faculty, staff, administrators, and students learn in community by inquiring together and practicing various knowledge-building tools that help them prototype and integrate student success initiatives back on their campus.

LINKS: Educators across the state are invited to explore what it means to lead institutional transformation for equity and success (link: There, BSILI teams share their successes, setbacks, wisdom, and future learning goals with other BSILI teams, educators, and students in the California Community College (CCC) system.

FLC: The Facilitator Learning Community (FLC) (link: an intensive year-long program designed to support current BSILI team members in facilitating professional learning experience. In community and through praxis, they learn to: a) Utilize backward design process to plan networking and learning experiences; b) Apply research and scholarship about how people learn to the professional learning design; c) Study effective strategies for implementing professional learning in ways that are inclusive of all stakeholders from across campuses, including students; and d) Develop mechanisms for continuous reflection and improvement (praxis).

3CSN Coordinators: Our regional coordinators are all college practitioners who have deeply participated in 3CSN professional learning and are continuously learning and designing for equitable outcomes for students in the state. Regional network coordinators create continuous and varied opportunities for stakeholders to enter the network and provide linkages between local, regional, and statewide activities and resource. This model is a prime example of how networks and CoPs are sustained and can continue to evolve. Within its 12 years, 3CSN coordinators have also successfully become thought leaders and administrators throughout the CCC system.

Through these statewide events, networks, and communities, 3CSN supports educators as they surface successes, common values, and shared dreams. Through the work of 3CSN, educators have been co-creating new strategies and opportunities for themselves and their students for over a decade. We put reflection, recursivity, and change at the base of everything we do; it is that focus on reflection, community, and shared values that has allowed the network to thrive and continue to support colleges across the state today, especially as we shift to a purely online format.

Image description: a black and white profile picture of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Next to it is the following quote: “If you want to be a true professional, you will do something outside yourself. Something to repair tears in your community. Something to make life a little better for people less fortunate than you. That’s what I think a meaningful life is—living not for oneself, but for one’s community.”

Image description:  an image with a black background with an image of a PowerPoint presentation from the Wayfinding Online series with Josh Miller in the corner and the words “3CSN Leadership Spotlight” and this quote: “I can tell you, a year ago there is no way I would have thought I’d be (facilitating 3CSN Wayfinding Online sessions).  So if you’re kind of intimidated by Canvas or you’re fearful of it, you’re trying to figure it out…two years, or a  year from now, you could be doing these trainings.” – Josh Miller, BSILI & FLC 2019 alum and Wayfinding Online facilitator along with a caption:  “Click Play to hear Josh Miller, BSILI & FLC 2019-20 alumni and Communications Studies Chair at LA Valley College, share his online leadership journey with participants in his Wayfinding Online Canvas 102: Student-Centered Design session. (Link: