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12 Years of Professional Learning by Design: (How) The Network Works

For over a decade, 3CSN has worked to change the conversation about where the focus of our support for students should be—first and foremost with their persistence, success, and equity in mind.

3CSN’s current, thriving online communities and networks are based on a 12-year history of building powerful face-to-face and online learning experiences for California educators.

We offer opportunities for educators to participate in ongoing professional learning opportunities that go beyond the nuts and bolts of implementing new procedures to include rigorous and sustained inquiry into the issues that most deeply undergird our attempted transformation. Watch this video to learn more about our inquiry areas:

In partnership with the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, 3CSN supports all 116 colleges in implementing the Vision for Success (link: by providing ongoing professional learning that builds knowledge, relationship, and learning through active engagement.

3CSN’s holistic approach rests on several premises: learning begins with tending to the identity and lived experience of each individual learner; knowledge is socially-constructed; and learning is a dynamic, iterative process.  Therefore, one never “arrives” as a learner, and the work of 3CSN is designed around ongoing inquiry, application, and reflection within a Community of Practice (CoP).

Communities of Practice (CoPs)

Since its inception in 2008, 3CSN has utilized Communities of Practice and Network Theory to support professional learning throughout the state. The knowledge built by these CoPs and the network of practitioners working within these specific areas provided us with the foundation to build more intentional, student-centered, and equity-minded professional learning opportunities.

3CSN’s Communities of Practice include:

  • Apprenticing Students into Mathematical & STEM Thinking Learning Communities
  • BSILI: Leadership Institute for Curricular and Instructional Transformation
  • Equity Project
  • Facilitator Learning Community
  • Habits of Mind & Growth Mindset
  • Integrated Reading & Writing Community
  • Learning Assistance Project
  • Reading Apprenticeship Project
  • Threshold Project
  • Transforming STEM Teaching Faculty Learning Program(FLP)

3CSN has facilitated hundreds of face to face and online events that focused on bringing educators together to learn, innovate, and lead. Core events are one-day or multiple-day convenings that explore a single topic of interest, such as community building, equity, learning assistance, and learning and literacy.

Our Core Events include:

  • BSILI: Leadership Institute for Curricular & Institutional Transformation
  • LINKS (Learning in Network for Knowledge Sharing
  • NorCal & SoCal 2-day Equity Institutes
  • Reading Apprenticeship Conference
  • Regional Sharing Events
  • Strengthening Student Success Conference
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) Conference
  • NorCal & SoCal Tutor Expo