Measuring Value: How do we know it works?

3CSN’s key inquiry areas and professional learning design principles create a supportive network that continuously offers opportunities for learning, practice, and reflection. With over 58,500 educators served since 2008, participants continue to demonstrate the value of this type of professional learning.

3CSN believes in meeting learners where they are and recognizes that learning can have several levels of value for them. We use the Value Creation Framework developed by Wenger, Trayner, & de Laat (2011) to evaluate the usefulness and success of our offerings.

Please take a moment and access this video to learn more about how we evaluate our work and see participants describe the value of the work (link:

Using action research methodology, 3CSN customarily partners with community colleges spanning from a year to several years in order to support the colleges’ efforts in sustaining and evaluating their student success initiatives. Many community colleges participate in BSILI multiple times with different team members so that their change effort is understood and owned by the entire campus. 3CSN coordinators also utilize their knowledge from the 3CSN network to support their own campuses’ student success efforts.

Value Creation Framework

  • Immediate Value-Appreciation of the activities and interactions
  • Potential Value– Seeing the value in implementing the activities and knowledge gained
  • Applied Value-Putting into practice the activities and knowledge
  • Realized Value-Seeing performance improvement based on implementation
  • Reframed ValueTransformation at the institution level or policy level

Getting to Reframed Value-This something all practitioners and educational leaders seek- institutional and policy change. These system-wide changes do not occur overnight; rather, they are built upon the professional learning seeds sown by campus, regional, and statewide community efforts. Sometimes, these opportunities do come to us first– in Guided Pathways and AB705 for example. These systemwide changes should be seen as an opportunity to create those equitable, reframed campuses we have always dreamed about.

As you design and implement professional learning on your campus, think of 3CSN as a possible thought partner to support your efforts. From online professional learning workshops, tailored design labs, equity institutes, and more, we are eager to support your efforts from immediate value for your campus community to reframed value for our entire state!

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