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Finding Our Way to Equity and Equality (Online): Equity 101, 102, & Equity in Action: Praxis Sessions

Equity is the result of embodied action, action that’s anchored in knowledge, reflection, collaboration, and social justice. Participants in Equity 101 (link:—August-17-October-4–2020.html?soid=1130043276968&aid=gaUx-Po0DyM) and 102 (link: courses articulate the immediate value of being in community with other social-justice minded educators and of gaining familiarity with different theoretical traditions such as multiculturalism, culturally responsive teaching, critical pedagogy, and critical race theory. They express the potential to share resources from the course with other colleagues and to apply new knowledge and practices to their work in classrooms, testing centers, as administrator or counselors, etc.

Equity 101:

The seven-week Equity 101 online course focuses on teaching and learning perspectives for equity and social justice. Since its pilot in summer 2019, 197 participants representing 46 California community colleges, 2 CSUs, and our Chancellor’s Office have engaged in this course. Participants inquire into how to effectively facilitate learning and success for diverse students, engage in praxis, and build a community of learners with the intent of achieving equity for our students. 3 units of post-baccalaureate credit from CSU Dominguez Hills are available for this course.

Equity 102:

In summer 2020, with 20 participants from 12 colleges, 3CSN launched an online pilot section of Equity 102, a next-level course for those who completed 3CSN’s Equity 101. Participants in Equity 102 work on building their own capacity to contribute to equitable ecosystems, focusing on: building intentional community and allyship through the creation of brave space, deepening our knowledge as equity practitioners, engaging in dialogue and inquiry, and increasing our capacity to engage in praxis-reflection in action upon the world to transform it. 3 units of post-baccalaureate credit from CSU Dominguez Hills are available for this course.

Participants engage in praxis by completing the Critical Reflection Practice in Equity 102 and the “Praxis Project” assignment in Equity 101, which asks participants to revise one aspect of their practice in light of their new learning in the course. Participants are invited to reflect upon and enrich their practice by sharing their projects with the 3CSN network through the “Equity in Action: Praxis Sessions” series.

Participant Quotes:

  • “In numerous discussions with colleagues, I would find myself citing Equity 102 articles to help inform the conversation. It has been really comforting to feel I am getting a better grasp of how to unpack the social unrest that now lives side by side with this pandemic.” – Equity 102 Participant
  • “I feel committed to taking a firm stance as a critical pedagogy practitioner wherein I recognize that the curriculum and pedagogy is inherently political, and that to be liberatory and not oppressive, I must make a conscious choice to engage with students as partners in praxis – reflection and action upon the world to transform it. “ – Equity 101 Participant

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