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Design Lab participants expressed appreciation for the opportunity to have dedicated time to design for their courses and class meetings.

Each Design Lab captured participants’ ongoing learning through session feedback, group dialogue, participant-designed (redesigned) materials and plans, and through overall Design Lab survey feedback. Like the Learn and Practice Series, participant reflection/response and artifact analysis demonstrated that learners expressed immediate value as well as potential value from the knowledge building and relationship building.

Connecting with 3CSN Professional Learning Values and Design Principles

Valuable, in-depth feedback was provided from 25 of the 83 participants. The majority (96%) stated that they strongly agreed that providing opportunities to implement what they learned and receive feedback from their peers is essential in professional learning. The also strongly agreed (86%) that building relationships is essential to the professional learning experience. One participant shared:

“Listening to faculty and being able to share with them was also encouraging and has boosted my confidence to really take initiative and action.”

This summer, many participants began revising and creating learning artifacts from their experience. We have seen changes in meeting agendas, assignments, syllabi, Canvas modules, video lectures, and course design.

Image description: an easel holding a poster with the following quote: “[Sheila Tobias’] Outsiders’ article helped frame my thinking…and for the first time I stepped back to re-see my story from that lens. I also realized, with the help of folks in a breakout session…that I need to share my story about writing difficulties (rising from the remedial writing ranks) with the students I work with. I have always been a private person, but somehow doing this work I realized it’s time to share this story, to pull back the curtain on the fact that learning to write in academe can be messy and hard.”

Image description: an easel holding a poster with the following quote: “I personally experienced what it feels like to be held to high expectations but with high support, and I plan to do the same for my own students from here on out!”

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Image description:  What’s needed for meaningful and engaging online teaching/learning experiences (enlarged version):