About the Wayfinding Online: Navigating the Virtual Landscape Series

As a way to leverage community in this unprecedented pivot to virtual learning, we have launched our 3CSN Wayfinding Online Zoom Series. This series was created by practitioners for practitioners (and students, too) and continues to grow from the needs that are identified in community with colleagues across the state While many community college professionals and students have received technical training, these sessions explore the purpose behind these teaching and learning tools, particularly as some of you move instruction and/or counseling and other student services online for the first time.  In addition, in order to provide a space for learning, problem solving, and discussion, we hold daily virtual “thought partner” sessions focused on self and community care.  All sessions are free and open to all.
Here are some of our session topics (and more are being added each week):
Zoom 101
Canvas 101
Feedback tools
Canvas Discussion Tools (including Discussions and Collaborations)
TED-Ed and other Multimedia
Canvas Gradebook
Peer Review
Reading Apprenticeship
In order to support each other holistically, we introduced “brown bag” sessions focused on self and community care.  We are holding weekly sessions for Learning Assistance, Classified Professionals, and Librarians.
During the semester we hold virtual “thought partner” community coaching hours that offer an opportunity to share, think through issues, and generate ideas with colleagues and 3CSN coordinators. In response to community requests, some of these sessions focus on specific areas such as ESL/ELL, student support, and STEM. We also offer a community hour specifically for students and student leaders.
The series is quickly showing results.  Check out the an amazing virtual space for students Stephanie Caranica from Moorpark College created based on ideas we discussed in our Thought Partner Community Coaching Hours. The network works! 
Have something you’re proud of creating based on the series or just want to share a success story? Please share on our Community Resources padlet (https://padlet.com/events16/d8z07lxk73in) and/or email us about it at ask@3csn.org!
We have learned a tremendous amount in the past weeks (which, as we’re sure many of you would agree, felt more like a year), and we are looking forward to learning and sharing with all of you moving forward. The California Community Colleges truly are a model of how a massive system can come together in challenging times.