3CSN 2020-21 e-Newsletter – Best for Screen Readers

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Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here….

Get comfortable and watch our welcome video, then read on to learn more about how 3CSN has brought powerful professional learning to well over 62,000* community college educators since 2008…

YouTube video featuring 3CSN coordinator Diana Bonilla Hein sharing words on behalf of the 3CSN coordinators


Words from 3CSN’s Executive Director & Network Director…PAGES 2-3

3CSN’s Principles of Powerful Professional Learning…PAGE 4

Year in Review…PAGE 5

Wayfinding Online Highlights…PAGE 6

Design Labs…PAGE 7

Civic Dialogues…PAGE 8

3CSN Regional Networks…PAGE 9

Equity Courses & Praxis Sessions…PAGE 10

Supporting STEM Faculty Online…PAGE 11

How the Network Works…PAGE 12

Measuring Value…PAGE 13

Stay in Community with 3CSN…PAGE 14

3CSN Directory…PAGE 15

3CSN’s Theory of Change – If we provide training on networking and use action research methodologies, community college professionals will transform their identities and environments to create communities of practice that will produce powerful learning and working across campuses. This will lead to greater student success.