Experiencing the Power of “Yet” at Showcase of Habits of Mind & Growth Mindset at San Diego Mesa College

On February 21st, our amazing 3CSN Habits of Mind and Growth Mindset team– Miguel Powers (Fullerton College), Mary-Jo Apigo and Vicky Nesia (West Los Angeles College), with support from Kelan Koning (CSU Northridge)– brought the Showcase of Habits of Mind and Growth Mindset to San Diego Mesa College.  We were thrilled to see familiar faces, including our BSILI 2019 San Diego Mesa team of classified professionals and BSILI 2018 San Diego Continuing Education alumni, as well as some new faces in the room.  

The day focused on a combination of activities designed to demonstrate and support participants’ understanding and application of Habits of Mind and Growth Mindset as well as a showcase of what the team has accomplished at Fullerton College and West LA College after implementing these high impact practices.

The team did an amazing job of demonstrating how productive struggle plus intelligent practice (effort + good strategies + help from others) results in greater student success.

Participants expressed appreciation for the activities and discussion as well as useful strategies for bringing Habits of Mind and Growth Mindset into the classroom and student services noting that the best part of the day was “knowing you can really do anything you put your mind to.” 

You may access the presentation here:  https://tinyurl.com/t6ha92l

Want to experience the Power of “Yet” in your region?  Email us at ask@3csn.org