Affirming Our Voice through Community and Learning at ASCCC Part-Time Faculty Institute


On January 23rd through 25th, 132 colleagues from community colleges across the state gathered in Napa for the 2020 ASCCC Part-Time Faculty Institute, a free professional development institute which, in partnership with 3CSN and with support of the Chancellor’s Office, is specifically designed to address the needs of part-time community college faculty.  This year’s institute, entitled “Affirming Our Voice,”  focused on ways to strengthen part-time faculty’s sense of the importance of their role in the community colleges, particularly significant in light of initiatives such as AB705 and Guided Pathways.  In addition, the institute provided professional learning around making their classrooms and colleges more equitable and offered job support such as curriculum vitae reviews and a panel on the hiring process.  3CSN coordinators Rebecca Moon-Stone and Kelan Koning proudly served on the committee that was chaired by Silvester Henderson.  

3CSN designed and facilitated two sessions at the institute– a general session, “What is Your Why,” and “Affirming Our Collective Voice: Empowerment Through Integrated Reading and Writing in the Classroom.” 

For the general session, facilitated by 3CSN coordinators Jessica Cristo, Rebecca Moon-Stone, Crystal Kiekel, and Vanson Nguyen (with support from Kelan Koning), participants were asked to bring an artifact that represented them as educators.  They shared their artifacts which was a powerful bonding experience as they considered the “windows” and “mirrors” they found.  Participants then wrote  and shared six-word “Why” statements, watched Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle,” and had the opportunity to revise and share these new and improved statements.

3CSN Coordinator Kelan Koning and Joan Jarrett (BSILI & FLC 2019) facilitated the “Affirming Our Collective Voice: Empowerment Through Integrated Reading and Writing in the Classroom” workshop that provided attendees the opportunity to learn more about Reading Apprenticeship and ways to apply the routines that will support their learning.  They were then encouraged to consider how they might use these routines to support student engagement, learning, and retention across the disciplines.  

It was wonderful to see familiar faces at the institute, some of whom attend yearly for the community and learning.  In addition, many new connections were made over this special weekend.

We are grateful for our continued partnership with ASCCC and we look forward to seeing our amazing part-time faculty colleagues at our upcoming events this spring!