Facilitator Learning Community Wraps Up 2019 with Praxis and Productive Play!

On December 6th and 7th, 3CSN’s Facilitator Learning Community (FLC) eagerly gathered to continue our learning together.  The focus of the two days was on facilitation practice sessions.  Campus teams were excited to have the opportunity for two rounds of feedback on presentations over the two days largely in preparation for our April convening, LINKS, which offers a showcase of the campuses’ change projects that began at BSILI.  In true 3CSN community spirit, 3CSN coordinators learned alongside and practiced facilitation for upcoming events.  We were all thrilled at this opportunity to truly engage in praxis. 

It wouldn’t be a 3CSN event without shared reading, and we continued to delve into our texts for the year, Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain and Discussion as a Way of Teaching.

Our final activity was to engage in productive play with an Engaging Resistance Role Play activity which featured real-life experiences FLC members and 3CSN coordinators have faced.  We had an opportunity to learn about some hidden talents among our fold!

Many hugs were shared as we expressed our gratitude for the productive struggle, learning, community, and engagement the two days provided.  Many expressed, “This was just what I needed.”  This was an amazing way to wrap up 2019, and we are excited to dig into this important work in the new year.  Next up– BSILI days 6.0 and 7.0 at Foster City!