Los Angeles Region Plants Seeds, Considers Recipe for Transformation at Fall Regional Summit

On October 4th, 3CSN Coordinators Rachel Ketai and Kelan Koning joined students and educators from Los Angeles and Ventura county as well as a representative from the Chancellor’s Office on the Los Angeles Valley College campus for a day of intentional community-building,  learning, and sharing.  This event was one of two final “Weaving Community for Transformation” Fall Regional Summits on that day (read about the Central Valley event here). 

After introductions and an overview of the day, participants shared artifacts that represented their educational journeys. 


This was followed by shared reading and discussion of a text set focused on weaving, community, and transformation.  After table talk, the group engaged in a rich discussion of the connections between the texts.  Major takeaways were that we need personal transformation in order to achieve institutional transformation, that such change requires “interactive courage” (“I have a contribution to make”) and that we have to learn how to do this, and that through learning we build community and family.   

After the reading and discussion, campus teams were ready to engage in Appreciative Inquiry surrounding what community and weaving already exist on their campuses and what they would like to see and collaborated to create visual representations (Posters! Amazing posters!). 

Lunch break provided an opportunity to share more informally with colleagues before diving back in with a poster share out and gallery walk where participants provided appreciations and feedback for their colleagues’ ideas through dots and post-its.

The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to team time as participants completed praxis plans and engaged in peer review with colleagues from another campus.  The room was abuzz with talk of BSILI teams and participation in future 3CSN events.  

We are looking forward to continuing to be in community with these amazing educators and more from the Los Angeles region!  Register for our Spring Regional Summit now: https://larnspringregional20.eventbrite.com

Review the workshop materials here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yt05telkl74213p/AACYmnGkRDBvUvlk5UvD0vcWa?dl=0

See images of the event here: