Praxis in Play at Fall Regional Summit at Mt. San Jacinto College


Our third fall regional summit, “Weaving Community for Transformation,” was held on September 20th at the Mt. San Jacinto College Menifee campus.  20 students, classified professionals, faculty and administrators joined 3CSN coordinators Roy Ramon and Rebecca Moon-Stone for this invigorating day of professional learning.  The event focused on the inquiry question: As we transform, how do we design for inclusive collaboration?

Students made up nearly half of the participants, grounding much of the discussion in their shared experiences.

The day began with building intentional community.  Participants engaged in discussion and shared values, recalling moments where trust and communication exist at our colleges, and established what the group needed for the day to go well.  Some of the values and needs the group agreed on included: “Be aware of our privilege(s),” “Be open to explore common interests,” “Recognize the variety of learning styles,” and “Be passionate.”

Focusing on an appreciative inquiry framework, appreciating and harnessing the best of what is and envisioning what could be, the teams took the opportunity to dream and discover the possibilities.  Teams discussed where community and collaboration already exist at their institutions and where they would like to see more community building. They visualized their dreams via vivid and creative posters. Student teams, made up of FYE mentors at MSJC, created some of the most dynamic and insightful posters that envisioned a student experience from beginning to end of an educational journey. 

The praxis plan was by far the most exciting activity for many of the participants, especially students.  By backward designing, individuals and teams worked to transform their “problems” to opportunities. For individuals they considered building community in their classroom, department, and committees.  Teams focused aspects of their Guided Pathways plans (like student on-boarding), campus-wide initiatives, and building community across departments at their college.  Taking inspiration from one of the student posters, one team created a plan that focused on envisioning an event that introduced community to entering freshmen students called “Fresh Fest”.  One participant said the praxis plan provided a visual framework that made “transformation possible,” and another noted, “We already have a community dedicated to growth, we just need a implement praxis plans and build in peer support into those plans.”

We are excited to return in the spring for more professional learning and engagement! Please join us:

View the agenda and presentation here