Exploring the Best of What Is and What Can Be at NorCal Fall Regional Summit

On September 13th, 2 students and 24 faculty, classified professionals, and administrators along with facilitators 45184Crystal Kiekel and Nicole Bryant-Bryant-Lescher gathered at Mission College in Santa Clara for the “Weaving Community for Transformation” Fall Regional Summit. The event focused on the inquiry question as we transform, how do we design for inclusive collaboration?

Throughout the day, participants practiced building collaborative culture through activities that wove the personal and community into the work on college campuses. Students, faculty, classified professionals, administrators, and Guided Pathways Regional Coordinators shared stories and artifacts from their personal educational journeys and engaged in learning together. A Mission College student, Eden Campos, shared her personal journey through the artifact of a graduation gown given to her by a professor who saw her potential and wanted to support her along the way. Eden’s story, and her willingness to share it, anchored the group’s learning and collaboration in the shared values of student success and support.

Facilitators invited participants to engage with the concept of appreciative inquiry: appreciating and harnessing the best of what is and envisioning what could be. College and regional teams dialogued to discover where community/weaving already exists on their campuses and where they would like to see more community/weaving on their campuses. Through posters, teams shared their discoveries and their dreams for on-campus collaboration and considered the transformational possibilities that could result from community building.

Participants moved their dreaming to designing through a praxis plan activity, working backwards to plan from the transformations they would like to see on their campuses through the actions, reflections, and community building necessary to make transformation possible. The knowledge and practice with appreciative inquiry, weaving and collaboration, and praxis will continue to be developed and integrated into 3CSN Core Events this year, including the NorCal Equity Summit at San Jose City College on November 1-2. Join us for engaged learning and community building then!