Building Bridges of Trust at Final 2019 Spring Regional Sharing Summit at Mission College

Our final stop for our Spring Regional Sharing Summits took place on April 12th at Mission College in Santa Clara.  Twenty-three students, staff, faculty and administrators gathered for the event which was facilitated by 3CSN Coordinators Joanna Zimring-Towne and Kelan Koning.   After a warm welcome from Ken Songco, Director of Student Equity and Success, participants were provided with context for the event and then participated in a brain stretching exercise which generated a rich discussion about decision-making on campuses, particularly in relation to campus change work.  The group was then separated into two groups– students and non-students– in order to answer a question regarding how to make students feel supported on campuses.  This question generated a robust discussion that yielded many “a-ha” moments.

After lunch, participants completed team inventories and created posters illustrating challenges and goals.  Tears were shed during the poster session, particularly for Mission College’s illustration of building a bridge of trust and relationships.  Students did an amazing job participating in the groups as well as presenting the groups’ ideas.

Overall, participants shared a desire and goal to build and/or strengthen trust among students and faculty, staff and administrators on campus as well as to ensure that all stakeholders are active participants in campus initiatives such as Guided Pathways and AB705.  The overwhelming takeaway from feedback was that students bring an incredible amount to the table and that decisions should not be made without involving them.  In addition, some expressed that adjunct faculty and classified staff should have more of a voice in change efforts.

Participants shared:  

Relationships are the foundation of everything we do– and those relationships cannot be built overnight.  It starts with the small, everyday things.

I appreciated the space for students, the openness of all participants in speaking and listening, an the emphasis on trust, relationships, and freedom from fear as integral in both the student and faculty, staff, and administrator experience.

Connecting with colleagues that I don’t get a chance to work with usually.

Appreciated hearing the campus conversation on the ground, especially the students and their confidence!

TRUST MOVEMENT – Student desire for trust.

Mission College’s poster made us all tear up– the human side of building trust.

In order to begin strategic organizational change, an environment of trust, curiosity, empowerment, and inclusion must be built first.  Without these, no change can ever be achieved or maintained.  

3CSN coordinators are looking forward to following up with participants to see how things are going.


Access the text set, case studies and other materials from the event here

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