Tutor Expo 2019 Puts Students and Peer Learning at the Center

In March and April of 2019, over 450 learning assistance professionals from across California came together at Tutor Expo to showcase the work of postsecondary tutors and coordinators/directors toward the goal of student success and the professionalization of postsecondary learning assistance. This year, 3CSN expanded this Core Event, offering three locations and dates in order to serve more educators across California:

March 22-23, 2019 – Northern California Contra Costa Community College Tutor Expo

March 29-30, 2019 – Southern California Santa Barbara City College Tutor Expo

April 5-6, 2019 – San Diego City College Tutor Expo

At Tutor Expo, tutors, embedded tutors, and SI Leaders, and other learning assistance professionals came together to strengthen knowledge and connections around peer learning. Student educators kicked off the events by facilitating panels and keynote addresses. Then, peer educators, faculty, staff, and administrators presented breakout sessions focusing on a wide range of topics, including Growth Mindset, Culturally Responsive Tutoring, AB 705, Guided Pathways, Appreciate Inquiry, online tutoring, etc. At the end of each day, college teams engaged in guided discussions to articulate what they learned, to generate future inquiry questions, and to create action plans for their campuses.

 Along with other 3CSN events this year, this conference explored the following themes: 

  1. Learning about Learning
  2. Designing for inclusive collaboration
  3. Student participation and perspective

 Through these themes, colleges explored how the learning assistance domain is or can be connected to current statewide initiatives, including AB 705, Guided Pathways, and AB 19/College Promise.

At the end of each event, teams shared the meaning and connections that resonated with them. Through that sharing, a few themes emerged in terms of what principles and values resonated with participants. This year, those themes include:

  • Learning assistance is students centered – We meet students where they are, create connections and trust, and connect students to resources and strategies for independent learning
  • Learning assistance is peer-educator centered – We value self-reflection, metacognition, self-care, ongoing and meaningful professional learning, and student empowerment and agency
  • Learning assistance is community centered – We focus on creating opportunities for collaboration, collective knowledge, training, and advocacy

3CSN would especially like to recognize the contributions of the educators at Contra Costa College, Santa Barbara City College, and San Diego City College to this wonderful event.

3CSN would also like to recognize the winners of the Tutor of the Year and Coordinators of the Year! These outstanding educators were nominated by their peers and selected by a panel to be recognized for their amazing contributions to the field:

Coordinator of the Year:

Eric Bullock – Chemistry Professor, Santa Barbara City College

Josue Verduzco – Learning Support Service Coordinator, Imperial Valley College

Tutor of the Year

Lindsey Lazo – Social Science and Humanities Tutor Leader & Biology Tutor, Los Angeles Pierce College

Andrea Sanchez – ESL Tutor, Palomar College