Students Bring Growth Mindset to Spring Regional Sharing Summit at Chaffey College



On March 15th, a small but mighty group of students, faculty, and staff from the Foothill Inland Empire and Orange County regions gathered for the third stop for our Spring Regional Sharing Summit, “Students are Educators, Educators are Students” at Chaffey College facilitated by 3CSN regional coordinators Roy Ramon and Jan Connal. 

We were especially excited to welcome a group of Fullerton College students steeped in Growth Mindset and Habits of Mind.  This group provided a number of insights with particular emphasis on the importance of faculty and staff offering personal attention and valuing students’ capacities in ensuring student success.  One student shared that, “When my professor asked me to be a Supplemental Instruction leader, I was surprised and, of course, flattered.  After all, I didn’t think I stood out in any way.  Becoming an SI leader changed me completely.  I am now more engaged as a student and have higher goals because of it.”   

The participation of these students illustrates not just what we can learn from students but also provides testimony to the great work underway at Fullerton College and how it can support the ability of students to meaningfully engage in change work on campuses.  The college is now the “poster child” for Habits of Mind (HoM) and Growth Mindsets (GM) after learning about these concepts and frameworks at a 3CSN event some seven years ago.  Since that time, the college has launched a number of HoM & GM-related efforts: Faculty Inquiry Groups, campus leadership team, campus faculty workshops, additional off-campus professional development opportunities, SI training, and student workshops.  Its professional development efforts are now infused with a concept called “Mindful Growth,” their campus-wide initiative aimed at fostering intelligent practice and mindful behavior in order to increase student and professional learning and success.  

Host college Chaffey included some key STEM faculty in Math and biology, who coordinated with their Guided Pathways coordinator, Special Populations and Equity Programs director, and Instructional and Library Support Specialist to discuss how to better include student perspectives. Using the student share-out poster as a guide, the faculty group planned an in-class student focus group in one of biology professor Shannon Jessen’s labs.  The goal is to assess potential momentum and exit points during the course of a semester for her class.

You may access the text set, presentation, and other materials here.


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