Participants Share Their “Why” at 2019 ASCCC Part-Time Faculty Institute!

We were beyond excited for the 2019 Academic Senate for California Community Colleges‘ (ASCCC) Part-Time Faculty Institute, a free professional development institute specifically designed to address the needs of part-time faculty.  The Institute, in partnership with 3CSN and with support of the Chancellor’s Office, was held at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel and Spa from February 21st through 23rd.   

On Friday, February 22nd, coordinators Crystal Kiekel, Rebecca Moon-Stone, and Joanna Zimring-Towne set the tone with the general session, “What is Your ‘Why’?” which asked participants to think back to their first week in college, led them through a shared reading of Simon Sinek’s “Assume You Know,” and  engaged them in crafting and revising six(ish)-word “Why” statements that could then be used in various ways in the classroom. The final activity was to set a learning goal for the institute.  The group was engaged and eager to share their ideas with their partners, tables, and the larger group. 

Some of the participants’ fabulous “Why” statements were: 

“Making learning meaningful through interaction & validation”

“Inspire students to fulfill long-term success and happiness”

“Facilitate self-reflection, engagement, and connection”

“Keep culture alive so we thrive”

“Education is power to change lives; you got this!”

After the general session, participants attended breakout sessions of their choice.  In the first round, BSILI 2018 participant Lars Kjeseth and his colleague Rose Ann Cerofeci (both from El Camino College) led a workshop entitled “Mainstreaming Adjunct Instructors in Professional Learning— Setting the Stage for Change.”  This workshop focused on the importance of building deep and trusting relationships between instructors, learning assistants, and counselors in preparing for change. 

Three of the breakout sessions in the second round were led by 3CSN coordinators. 

Vanson Nguyen’s session  “Finding the Right Fit” offered strategies and best practices for the application and interview process.

  Jordan Gianonni Harless’s “Equitizing Your Syllabi and Other Key Teaching Documents” gave participants the opportunity to become aware of “expert blindspots” and deficit language and to work together to create an equity rubric for use while creating or revamping syllabi and other course materials. 

Jan Connal’s workshop “Understanding and Responding to Student Resistance in Learning” provided an initial examination into the factors that shape the intensity of student resistance as well as offering the opportunity to generate and exchange ideas for reducing resistance and creating conditions conduce to effective learning experiences for students.

On Day 2, BSILI 2018 participant Marina Broeder and her colleague Alla Petrosyan (Mission College) facilitated a session entitled “Growing Classroom Culture Where Equity Lives.”  This session focused on effective ways to connect students, build trust, and create an inclusive classroom conducive to tackling difficult topics such as race and discrimination.  Through the practice of norm-setting, reading equity-based texts, sharing resources, and role-playing scenarios, participants developed tools that foster greater agency among students.

In addition, 3CSN NorCal Equity Institute 2018 Spotlight presenters Riad Bahur, Dawna DeMartina, and Marisa Alviar-Agnew (Sacramento City College) presented “Teachers for Equity Showcase,” an interactive session showcasing equity-minded, high-impact teaching practices designed by members of Sacramento City College’s “Teachers for Equity” (T4E) program.  Participants were provided the opportunity to get feedback on one of their own practices and to  redesign it according to equity-minded principles.  

We were inspired by the palpable level of enthusiasm and commitment to student success expressed by the participants, and we look forward to continuing to build upon these relationships in the coming months!

View our slideshow below.  Photos by Kelan Koning

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