3CSN Heads Far North to Kick Off Spring Regional Sharing Summits: “Students are Educators; Educators are Students”

On February 1st, 9 students and 32 faculty, staff, and administrators gathered at Shasta College in Redding for the “Students are Educators; Educators are Students” Regional Sharing Summit. Faculty, staff, and administrators reached out to students to join the day of discussion and learning centered on the inquiry question: How can colleges meaningfully engage student participation and perspective in the planning work on our campuses?

Facilitators invited students to spread out so that each table had active student representation. For example, one activity focused on how students feel supported in the college environment; students and faculty/staff initially worked separately, then returned to their original groups to share their insights.  Participants expressed appreciation during and after the event for the perspectives shared and for the opportunity to interact across roles. Faculty, staff, and administrators noted the richness of discussions, attributing it to the addition of student voices and the sharing of their experiences.

Feedback was very positive. The experience led those present to think more broadly about opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to engage with each other in addition to and as a means of facilitating student involvement in various planning, evaluation, and implementation efforts.

 Want to explore the texts we used?  Check those out here.

Missed out?  Experience it for yourself! Gather your students and join colleagues at an upcoming Regional Sharing Event in your area (click below to register):  

3/15/19  Inland Empire/OC- Chaffey College
3/15/19 Los Angeles- West Los Angeles College
4/12/19 Northern California- Mission College



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