Participants Brave Torrential Downpour for Professional Learning at Compton College!

On January 31st, 2019, 3CSN team members Devon Werble, Clare Norris-Bell, and Kelan Koning as well as 20-30 faculty from Compton College and the surrounding region didn’t let heavy rain stop them from gathering for a two-hour professional learning session at Compton College.  During the session, participants were exposed to specific Reading Apprenticeship  routines designed to support faculty in their approach to integrating reading and writing into their composition courses. 
The 3CSN team members each bring unique experience and understanding of community college students which can help shape how the English Department decides to implement AB 705.  In addition to Reading Apprenticeship tools, the LACCD BSILI English Team shared their “lessons learned” in how to provide scaffolded instruction in freshman composition courses. 
From this experience, the Compton College team is becoming an integral part of the AB 705 workgroup which can begin to think through and share best practices in AB 705 implementation across the state.  
          Participant feedback showed that they were eager for more:
  • Very good dive into pedagogy and vocabulary of reading. Great and specific ideas that can be applied quickly and will really help students. My favorite workshop so far.
  • The RA model allows me to understand the metacognitive challenges that my students face when encountering rigorous text/concepts. Great session!
  • 3CSN—these people were amazing. 2 hours didn’t even come close but it was a great beginning. Now I really want to go to one of these conferences+learn more about a topic that I was lukewarm about before.
  • 3CSN’s representatives did a very good job at encouraging instructors to share their own reading strategies so as to help students see that reading is a process that takes work. Being a successful reader doesn’t come naturally! Being transparent with students about what successful reading looks like is of great importance.