3CSN Kicks off Regional Sharing “Empowering Inclusive Learning” Summits at Gavilan College!

24 Participants representing six community colleges, two CSUs, and one UC, gathered at Gavilan College on Friday, September 14th, for the first of four Regional Sharing Summits across the state.  The energy in the room was palpable as we engaged in a brain stretching exercise, shared reading, case studies, and team action planning.  Our three inquiry areas: Engaging student participation and perspective, building for inclusive collaboration, and learning about learning, were at the heart of this interactive event.

Participants shared their appreciation for the final action plan, brainstorming with colleagues, “talking and thinking about the 3 scenarios [which] allowed our group to benefit from activities/practices at other campuses,” and being able to “set aside a day to brainstorm methods & discover new insights of change on college campuses.  New ideas from other schools.” They were excited to gain “new ideas and fresh perspectives about creating change at my campus that is inclusive for all” and “having student input/voice at important faculty staff meetings.”

You may view the readings here   

We can’t wait for our second Regional Sharing Summit at Moreno Valley this Friday!

Want in on the learning and fun?  These Regional Sharing Summits are coming up:

September 28th @ San Diego Continuing Education, San Diego

October 12th @ Pasadena City College, Pasadena




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