3CSN Represents at ASCCC Part-Time Faculty Leadership Institute!


Academic Senate for California Community Colleges‘ (ASCCC) second annual Part-time Faculty Leadership Institute on August 2-4, 2018, in partnership with 3CSN and with support of the Chancellor’s Office, was a great success!  New and experienced part-time faculty participated in lively discussions that incorporated strategic questions and assessment while advancing professional growth. This year’s Institute included topics on innovative pedagogy, professional development, leadership, and equity.  3CSN Coordinators were well-represented.  Our sessions included:

Pedagogy: Classroom Management and Communicating with Students

Paula Brown, 3CSN Coordinator, Jessica Cristo, 3CSN Coordinator, Crystal Kiekel, 3CSN Coordinator

Student engagement leads to persistence. This breakout will discuss how technology can assist faculty and students in becoming connective learners. The interactive session will include examples of flipped lesson plans, videos, online communities, and much more.

Access workshop materials here

Building Equity-Minded Classrooms 

Paula Brown, 3CSN Coordinator, Jessica Cristo, 3CSN Coordinator

All faculty are striving to create equitable learning experiences for their students. Come to this session to learn about strategies that can help identify classroom and college needs and support students in their work using culturally responsive teaching and learning strategies.

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The First Two Weeks: How You Can Foster Student Success

Diana Bonilla, 3CSN Coordinator, Joanna Zimring-Towne, 3CSN Coordinator

This session will explore ways that ALL faculty and staff can help students start off right as they transition to college. We will investigate some of the foundational research on this topic through interactive activities and discussion, and discuss key programs and services colleges offer to our new students. Participants will leave with a fresh understanding of the new student experience, and a treasure trove of practical tools that help foster student success early in the semester.

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Team Building and Leadership: I, Us, and Them

Mark Manasse, 3CSN Coordinator

This interactive session will focus on Social Identity Theory, Team Building, and an introduction on how to use something called “Four-Quadrant Thinking” to deepen our collective capacity to lead and participate in teams. Participants will be asked to reflect upon previous team experiences and set future intentions together.

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Schema Theory: Helping Us Help Learners

Kyle Hull, 3CSN Coordinator, Rebecca Moon-Stone, 3CSN Coordinator

This interactive session provides an introduction to Schema Theory with a minds-on activity designed to surface a reader’s “schemata” (individual background knowledge used to understand what we read). Participants will leave with practical, schema-building tools that support academic and literacy development.

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Literacy Learning Leadership

Nika Hogan, 3CSN Coordinator

I was an isolated instructor, bristling with untapped potential. I unexpectedly found myself a learner again after trying a “conference” that turned out to be substantive, research-based professional learning. I was hooked. I was a participant. Gradually (with much skeptical testing, processing, and reflecting) I let myself become part of a community. Inevitably, I started to take on leadership within that community . . . my department . . . my campus . . . beyond. In this session, explore why and how learning to support academic literacy development can be such a powerful impetus not only for transforming the way you teach, but for opening up new professional pathways. Participants will engage in guided inquiry around what it means to “lead for literacy” and will learn about open access, concrete ways to get involved in this work.

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