LINKS 2018 “The Fierce Urgency of Now: Preparing for Change”- Day 2

LINKS 2018 continued on Saturday, April 21st.  The day began with a warm welcome and debrief by Deborah Harrington and Rose Asera (Leading from the Middle/RP Group). 


Melissa Bader and Misty Burruel (LFM) then presented Leading from the Middle: Assessing Conditions for Change – Individual Impact. Using an iceberg as a metaphor, practitioners assessed their college landscape and identified strategies to tackle what often feels like an immovable force. 


Laura Hope, Vice Chancellor of Educational Services at the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, was the plenary speaker for the day.  In her presentation, “Is The Rock Going to Win,” she shared her personal story of resilience (“scrap”) and  the importance of persistence, collaboration, and being fully present, “head, heart and fist,” for this important work.  


View Laura Hope’s presentation here


There were two rounds of breakout sessions.  Breakout session round one included: 

From “Leaders Are Not People Like Me” to “I’m a Democratic Affiliative Leader,” Collaborating for the Why and Facilitating Courageously

How has your concept of leadership evolved since becoming involved in 3CSN? In this interactive session, participants will choose basic skills and equity initiatives- from inquiry projects and equity professional development to a larger scale equity lecture series and campus wide equity resolution- and learn how the initiatives were co-led, the challenges and successes, and opportunities for an evolving sense of leadership at the individual and collective level. Participants will exchange ideas for sustaining and expanding co-leadership and professional learning for equity. They will engage in leadership stories and take away ideas for equity and basic skills initiatives.

Canada College: Rebekah Sidman-Taveau


 View the presentation here

“Come Together, Right Now: Institutional Effectiveness and Inclusive Excellence”

Collaboration, integration, and alignment are critical hallmarks to ensuring that colleges are able to efficiently and effectively respond to the ever-changing mandates, plans, legislation, and accountability metrics California Community Colleges are experiencing.  This session will feature how College of the Canyons created a promising practice that has fostered widespread dialogue around our institution’s data, student achievement goals, and planning processes and activities all leading to a commitment for inclusive excellence and institutional effectiveness. At this session, you will learn how to:  Engage campus constituents in dialogues around data, leverage resources from SSSP, Equity, Basic Skills and workforce allocations to support student achievement, and coordinate with faculty, staff and administration to foster increased professional learning campus-wide.

College of the Canyons: Rebecca Eikey, Harriet Happel, Daylene Meuschke, Denee Pescarmona, Jasmine Ruys, & Ryan Theule


“Unpacking middle leadership”

Moving a college to become more effective and more equitable begins with understanding the local setting and culture. However, because of statewide programs, those local changes are informed by understanding the broader context in the state. Join a conversation with colleagues—seasoned and emerging leaders—about what it means to lead change, and the tensions, challenges and delights that are part of the process.

LFM & 3CSN: Rose Asera, & Crystal Kiekel



Breakout session round 2 included:

Assessing Conditions for Change – Collective Impact

Looking outward, practitioners assess how their college responds to change. Through this process of inquiry, practitioners identify obstacles, challenges, and opportunities that are visible and invisible. Using an iceberg as a metaphor, practitioners assess their college landscape and identify strategies to tackle what often feels like an immovable force.

LFM: Melissa Bader, Misty Burruel, & Laura Hope


Community-Based Learning: Inspiring Systemic Change for Guided Pathways

This session considers the promise of Community-Based Learning (CBL) for inspiring systemic change urgently needed for implementing Guided Pathways. Discussion centers on the educational, social, and cultural challenges facing higher education in California and nationally, as well as the clarion call for committed leadership at all levels. CBL, also called Service Learning, is widely cited as a high impact practice for engaged learning, is presented as a key Guided Pathways element that provides vision and inspires systemic change.  Join us to explore this vision and learn more from seasoned practitioners at College of the Canyons and Glendale College.

3CSN, College of the Canyons, & Glendale College: Jan Connal, Patty Robinson, & Hoover Zariani 

DSC_0905View the presentation here 

Coping with Chaos: Creating a Culture of Equity-Minded, Evidence-Based Teaching in the STEM Disciplines

In this session, we will share how, amid the chaos of a variety of campus- and system-wide initiatives, we have used an identity conscious community of practice model of professional development to create a culture of equity-minded, evidence-based teaching practices in the STEM disciplines at CSU, San Bernardino. Participants will be asked to make connections between CSU and CCC initiatives and between different frameworks for leadership development, and they will have time to consider how these theories of leadership might be applied in their own contexts and disciplines.

CSU San Bernardino: Kim Costino and Kirsty Fleming

DSC_0918View the presentation here

The day concluded with “Making it real: A preparing for change practicum” facilitated by 3CSN Coordinators Erik Armstrong and Kyle Hull.  Participants reflected and prepared next steps during this exercise.  Key takeaways were:

  • We need to be as resilient as our students
  • We are gateways, not gatekeepers
  • Discernment is an important element of leadership
  • We need to identify who/what the “rocks” are on campus (including ourselves)
  • Service learning, service learning, service learning!
  • Resistance as a force, not people
  • How to lead from the middle 
  • More faculty need to attend 3CSN events!

 The weekend included a book giveaway of the following titles (click on the book cover for more information):