Leadership Initiatives Conversation at ASCCC Event

In August 2017, ASCCC and 3CSN teamed up to facilitate a conversation with part-time faculty members from across the state of California about how to get more involved in statewide leadership initiatives. The purpose of the event was to break down some of the major state wide student success initiatives and to explore how part-time educators can get more involved in these activities. Kyle Hull (3CSN), Crystal Kiekel (3CSN) and Craig Rutan (ASCCC) teamed up to facilitate this lively and informative session. After a short discussion summarizing participants’ previous experiences with campus and statewide initiatives, Mr. Rutan highlighted four of the biggest and most relevant initiatives that adjunct instructors may encounter: The integrated Student Success and Support Program/Basic Skills Initiative/Student Equity plans (SSSP/BSI/SE), the Online Education Initiative (OEI), the Open Education Resources (OER) and Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Degrees, the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI), and Guided Pathway (GP). Then, the 3CSN facilitators led a discussion around how adjunct faculty members have successfully involved themselves in campus wide programs and services. The group listed promising practices for how adjunct faculty can get more involved in the future. The group was provided with several resources, including a list of California community college initiatives, a list of “promising practices” that was generated by the group, websites for some of the major initiatives, and the 3CSN 2016-2017 “Save the Date” flier so that participants can get more involved in 3CSN’s free or low-cost professional learning community.


More on the presentation:


The list of initiatives discussed:

List of Initiatives Discussed


Strategies to involve adjunct faculty:

List of sucessful strategies

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