Appreciative Inquiry Discussion Spurs Interest at ASCCC PT Faculty Event!

20170804_164342About 30 participants learned about the Appreciative Inquiry framework by making a large list of all the strengths students bring to class – socially, academically, culturally, interpersonally, etc.  Students were recognized by the group as being curious, having grit, possessing a strong sense of social justice, and overcoming hardship, to name but a few.   Beginning with strengths set the tone and the energy for the rest of the session, making the point that the language we use can create our reality, energy, and motivation. After learning about the Appreciative Cycle of Inquiry and looking at some classroom applications, participants brainstormed strengths-based approaches that they are already using and shared them with one another in a poster session. “I’ve never thought about the tone of my student feedback and syllabus before!” said Rachel Krajewski, a Math instructor at Cuyamaca College. Another participant shared the idea of tapping into the visual literacy of students by creating a syllabus in the form of a comic book. Raymond Brennan, an English instructor at De Anza and San Jose City College, said he left the session with “a new way of approaching my students – crediting what they bring, not just what they lack.”


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