SoCal BSI Coordinators Event at LA Harbor

Teams of educators working on Basic Skills, SSSP and Equity came together at the SoCal BSI Coordinator Event  on May 1st at LA Harbor to discuss integrated planning and exciting new developments in placement reform.  They learned not only about the new Basic Skills reporting requirements but also about the Common Assessment Initiative and emerging research that points the way toward more equitable placement practices.  

Alketa Wojcik, Basic Skills Advisory Committee Chair, walked participants through the Basic Skills Action Plan changes and also shared research findings from a recent dissertation by Eric Cooper on the most high impact practices that have been supported by BSI funding. Interventions that have been supported by 3CSN Communities of Practice like Reading Apprenticeship and Acceleration demonstrated great results as did professional learning in support of changed classroom practice, particularly in math.  

Alketa Wocjik explains the new Basic Skills Action Plan reporting

Alketa Wocjik explains the new Basic Skills Action Plan reporting

John Hetts of EdResults, who has been doing research on multiple measures, gave an inspiring presentation on the four cornerstones of placement and developmental education reform.  Many who attended the event noted how much they loved both the rich data and passion that informed the presentation.  

John Hetts dramatizes his data from the table top.

John Hetts dramatizes his data from the table top.

Finally, Jennifer Coleman, Statewide Coordinator for the Common Assessment Initiative, joined us virtually to provide an overview of the CAI project. Event participants considered the proficiencies that have been developed for ESL, English/Reading and Math and were encouraged to provide feedback via the online survey that will be open into the summer.  The CAI workgroups are still working to develop the assessment tests which will be piloted with a small group of colleges next year.  

The event gave participants a broad sense of how we can work together to engage in systemic reform to encourage equitable outcomes for all of our students!

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