Course Planning with Reading Apprenticeship Workshop at Skyline College

3CSN and Skyline college co-hosted an afternoon workshop last Friday focused on integrating the Reading Apprenticeship (RA) framework into course and lesson planning.  The workshop included time to network with colleagues from six different colleges representing ESL, English, History, Math, Industrial Design, Paralegal Studies, Biology, Learning Assistance, and more.  Some of the participants had previously attended the Introductory Reading Apprenticeship workshop at Skyline College in January while others were completely new to RA. Participants engaged in Reading Together, shared Evidence/Interpretation Log entries and practiced Think Aloud in Pairs for Problem Solving (TAPPS) to build community, engage in metacognitive conversation, create a Reading Strategies list, discuss schema, and more. Ultimately, participants formed cross-disciplinary partnerships to complete a Think Aloud with a text from their partner’s discipline, which led to outlining ways to scaffold lessons that support students’ discipline-specific reading.  Following this, participants met in discipline-specific groups to generate ideas for integrating RA into their specific courses.  To conclude, each discipline group shared their course and lesson planning ideas with the whole group, so everyone left with a wealth of ideas for building metacognitive conversations in their classes, whether the class was Industrial Design, ESL, or Math.  Participants’ feedback suggests that they are eager to implement one or more routines into their classes.  One participant wrote, “The activities were illuminating and provide me with inspiration to try out metacognitive teaching and learning strategies I haven’t yet used.”