Reading Apprenticeship and Course Planning at American River College

Picture of Reading Apprenticeship participants

Participants preparing to read to each other for a Think Aloud routine

As interest in Reading Apprenticeship grows among California Community College faculty, staff, and administrators, there has been an ongoing request for additional workshops that focus on integrating specific routines into lesson and course planning. Responding to this need, the Reading Apprenticeship Project team leaders created a 1/2 day workshop “Course Planning with Reading Apprenticeship” and offered it for the first time at American River College. Participants reviewed the RA framework with a focus on integrating Reading Apprenticeship routines into their lesson and course planning.  They engaged in reading a range of unfamiliar texts to surface schema that readers need to successfully approach these texts.  Participants worked in pairs to focus on how discipline experts approach texts in contrast to readers outside the discipline. Each pair had instructors from two disciplines. Taking turns, faculty read each other’s discipline-specific texts aloud to each other, noting their metacognitive thoughts. The discussions that followed allowed discipline experts to outline the schema students need for approaching these discipline-specific texts. Participants’ feedback emphasized the usefulness of working with readers outside their disciplines to deepen their understanding of supporting students’ disciplinary-specific literacy needs.


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