LINKS 10 Helps Take The Lead!


Qualities of Powerful Learning

LINKS 10, Taking the Lead: Building Sustainable Professional Learning at Citrus College on Friday, October 17th brought professional learning leaders together to consider the principles and practices that drive powerful professional learning initiatives. Prompted by a collection of interesting images, participants discussed elements of powerful learn
ing and then discussed the principles suggested by their own experiences and key readings on the subject. 3CSN’s Basic Skills Initiative Leadership Institute and the College Success Summer Faculty Retreat at Citrus were featured in spotlight presentations, and then participants engaged in troubleshooting scenarios from their own experiences, applying the principles derived from the earlier discussions. Consensus coalesced around these key ideas about powerful professional learning experiences: they contextualize learning around the meaningful work we are doing; they build connections/community to foster trust for responsible risk-taking; they encourage self-reflection and meta-cognition; they provide the time for sustained learning; the leaders make their own learning visible; and they build ownership in participants. With these elements in mind, if we build opportunities for authentic learning, committed professionals will come!


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