BSI Coordinators In SoCal Escape to Rio Hondo for the Day

BSI_E-Resource_10-18-13 1Despite the unusually, high temperatures that have been baking SoCal over the past week,   over 50 SoCal BSI Coordinators gathered at Rio Hondo College to workshop with Barbara Illowsky regarding the  new BSI Publication, BASIC SKILLS COMPLETION: The Key to Student Success in California Community Colleges – Effective Practices for Faculty, Staff and Administrators, BSI fund reporting best practices, and effective practices for establishing and maintaining basic skills initiatives within Career Technical Education, English as a Second Language, and Embedded/integrated Counseling.   Barbara shared the news that her intersegmental transfer that has allowed her for the past two years to be the Basic Skills Statewide Director is coming to a close this June.   (The Chancellor’s Office has received approval to fill this position with a permanent replacement and the announcement of this position should become available shortly.)  Barbara’s leadership and support of the Basic Skills Initiative have been fundamental to it’s growth and success over the years.  (If you get the chance, please thank her for all she has done, thus far.)


[su_service title=”Due October 10, 2014″ icon=”icon: calendar” icon_color=”#ed3226″ size=”16″]2014-15 Basic Skills Allocation Reporting Forms with Instructions [Word][/su_service]


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Chaffey College Model Narrative Response

Chosen as a model because of the brief, yet informative response.  They kept their total response to 3 pages, including charts that were embedded in those 3 pages.  The charts  used were not addendums, but pieces that actually enhanced the narrative.   The Chaffey response also directly answered questions with constructive ideas instead of asking for “more money.”

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