LINKS 8: What Do Students Need to Know? Creating Space for Courageous Conversations about Disciplinary Knowledge

3CSN’s major Communities of Practice (CoP)—the California Acceleration ProjectHabits of Mind, and theReading Apprenticeship Project—were developed based on the needs and concerns of California community college practitioners working in regional and leadership networks.   Faculty, staff, and administrators from every California community college have engaged in our CoPs as they have worked to redesign developmental sequences in English and Math, support academic literacy acquisition across disciplines and levels, and develop more “student centered” practices.

As we begin a new grant cycle we are broadening our reach, expanding across CTE, content area disciplines, and educational segments to assure that we improve the pathways that students must negotiate toward their goals.  A new CoP, the Threshold Project, is being formed to support faculty, staff and administrators as they embark on exciting but challenging collaborations, what we are calling “courageous conversations about disciplinary knowledge”.

Goals of LINKS 8

  • How to identify and teach core concepts in content rich areas
  • How to identify and teach core concepts in so-called “service” courses
  • How to work with High School and University partners for meaningful alignment
  • How to collaborate across areas (e.g., student services and instruction) to implement SB 1456 and other Student Success Task Force Recommendations


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