New 3CSN CTE Community of Practice unveiled at CCCAOE Presentation

[su_quote cite=”3CSN” url=””]If we provide training on networking and we use action research methodologies, community college professionals will transform their environments and identities to create communities of practice that will produce powerful learning and working across campuses. This will lead to greater student success.[/su_quote]

The presentation, given by 3CSN Executive Director, Deborah Harrington and 3CSN Central Valley Regional Coordinator, Erik Armstrong,  began with an overview on 3CSN’s mission to provide professional learning and the use of learning networks to assist community college professionals in transforming their environments and identities to increase and enhance student success. This was followed with examples of 3CSN’s work and its penetration and reach into the state’s community colleges.  

3csnC6In conjunction with the CCCAOE conference theme, Educational Balance: The Alignment of Skills, Curriculum & Jobs for the Future, attendees were given an overview of 3CSN’s involvement with the Central California Community College Consortium’s (C6) Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) grant.  3CSN’s involvement has been to provide training and support in embedding basic skills into the discipline areas without increasing the number of classes or units required to earn a degree or certificate in that area. Participants in the grant project were introduced to various tools and techniques from 3CSN’s major Communities of Practice (CoP): the Habits of Mind Project, the Reading Apprenticeship® Project (RAP) and the California Acceleration Project (CAP).

PT Class FlippedAs a result of the networking amongst colleges within the C6 grant project, the introduction and professional learning from 3CSN’s Habits of Mind, the Reading Apprenticeship Project and CAP, and the potential for increased networking, sharing, adapting and even creating of transformative teaching, learning, guidance, and assistance tools, techniques and programs had C6 faculty, staff and administrators asking for the creation of a Community of Practice focused on CTE. This along with a combination of 3CSN’s ongoing partnership with the Career Ladders Project, the increased emphasis on CTE at both state and national levels, as well as two additional TAACCCT grants, one in the Bay area and the other in LA, 3CSN will be looking at creating a new Community of Practice focused on CTE. The overarching goal of this CoP is to bring together CTE faculty, students, staff and administration from all interested colleges to create networks of collaboration,expertise and creative problem-solving that will in turn transform their programs and departments so that the flow of successfully prepared graduates meets the demands of the California job market.

Several college representatives attending the presentation showed keen interest in being part of the new CTE Community of Practice.   These colleges and K-12 District include:
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  • Sierra College
  • Hancock College
  • Pierce College
  • Coast Community College District
  • Hartnell College
  • Fontana USD

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  • Moorpark College 
  • Diablo Valley College
  • Allan Hancock College
  • Los Angeles Southwest College
  • Mt. San Antonio College
  • Pasadena City College


[su_box title=”Signup to be a part of the new CTE CoP” style=”glass” box_color=”#fe0012″]If you are interested in the CTE Community of Practice that is forming, please enter your name, email and college information into the form below. We will contact you so that you can participate in the creation of 3CSN’s newest Community Practice. [contact-form subject=’I want to know more about the CTE CoP’]
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Presentation Materials

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Presentation Padlet

The embedded brainstorming tool below was used to gather attendees ideas about basic skills needs of students in CTE programs.

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