Strengthening Student Success Conference 2012: What I Did on My Summer Vacation

HoM Classification Presentation

For those of you who missed the post-conference session, it was AMAZING. Each of the Communities of Practice gave great reports on what they have accomplished thus far and where they are going next. Both the Acceleration and Reading Apprenticeship BSILI CoPs have two well established CoPs to latch onto and interact with (CAP and RAP, respectively.) I loved hearing about “8 different kinds of math acceleration” and the results of the RA survey. Habits of Mind, unlike the other two, had its beginnings at this past BSILI and is still in the formulation, definition and documentation stages. Despite starting from ground zero, Habits of Mind CoP’s detailed and tested identification, classification, naming and eventual storage and dissemination of these HoMs was phenomenal. This was just the beginning of a set of tools that seek to describe the complexity of student behavior, while placing it within some common terms that will enable us to dialogue across classrooms and campuses.

“Non-Template Template”

The “Non-Template Template” should have been an indicator of what was to come from our two Los Medanos “We don’t want to start a movement” BSILIers. It was great to see how they were putting into practice the values and shared assumptions of BSILI (and 3CSN.) As Paula and Christina began unfolding their story of how not to start a movement, appreciative inquiry and a growth mindset took on whole new meanings. In the end we got a new slogan from Christina and Paula that is truly inclusive, empowering and mind-blowing in its simplicity — Student Success Lives Here.

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BSILI Acceleration CoP

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BSILI Reading Apprenticeship CoP

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BSILI Habits of Mind CoP Workgroups


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Report Template

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Data Repository

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