Math Pathways: Designing for Success featuring Julie Phelps

The second Math Pathways symposium, held at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, welcomed Julie Phelps, of Valencia Community College in Florida to a day of math curricular and institutional redesign from local colleges like Pierce, Pasadena City College, College of the Canyons.  Over one hundred people signed up for the sold out event to both hear Julie speak about her experiences in redesign at her own college as well as to see how local colleges are addressing student needs and success.

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The symposium had five framing questions for both presenters and attendees to guide the conversations that day:

  1. Why is curriculum reform necessary?
  2. How much change is needed to make a meaningful (and measurable) difference?
  3. What are different schools doing?
  4. What challenges can one expect to face while doing a significant redesign? How can one overcome these obstacles?
  5. What kind of support is available for a college that wants to do a redesign?

Poster Presentatons


PI- Prealgebra Immersion


Before Algebra

Linda Hintzman @Pasadena City College
Kathy Yoshiwara @Pierce College
Jennifer Martinez @ Pierce College

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STEM Pathway

Charlie Hogue @Pasadena City College
Kathie Yoder @Pierce College
Ben Martin @Pierce College



Non-STEM Pathway

Kathy Kubo & Matt Teachout @ College of the Canyons
Bob Martinez @ Pierce College
Roger Yang @ Pasadena City College

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