LINKS 4: Empowering Students with a Strong Start: Redesigning our Practices & Procedures

Join us in an exploration of student empowerment strategies that can be used to redesign college structures and processes as well as course syllabi. Participants will have an opportunity to apply what they learn and are encouraged to bring their own course syllabi and outlines for orientation and/or matriculation processes.

Community college counselors, faculty, student support services personnel, college deans and other campus leaders are encouraged to attend this FREE event made possible through the BSI Professional Development Grant.

Colleges are welcome to attend in teams (maximum of five individuals per school, please, so that we can accommodate as many schools as possible).

Outcomes for the Day:

  1. Understand our student-focused/student-empowerment philosophy and its ideological foundations
  2. Employ backward design to create a process/procedure/structure driven by group-generated empowerment philosophy outcomes
  3. Employ backward design to revise a course syllabus (preferably, your own) that embeds a student-empowerment philosophy
  4. Create a process or action plan for following through with the work begun at this event.
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