BSI Coordinators’ Workshops 2011

Last month 3CSN delivered two informative BSI Coordinators’ Workshops in collaboration with the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office. The workshops, held at Sacramento City College and the North Orange County Community College District Office, brought together nearly 150 participants from across the state. These workshops for BSI coordinators and committee members provided support for collaboration within and across campuses in:

• Aligning long-term goals to large-scale, measurable, and sustainable student success;

• Aligning BSI-funded activities to long-term goals;

• Creating an evaluation plan of activities tied to the outcomes of long-term goals; and

• Working with campus/BSI committees to ensure the development of measurable goals and activities to achieve them.

Mark Wade Lieu, the BSI Coordinator at the CCCCO, was on hand to assist in the preparation of the 2011 BSI Action Plan reports that are due October 10th. He explained the most recent changes to these documents, particularly the additional elements of measureable outcomes and criteria. Mark also provided an update on expectations for the 2012 BSI Action Plan reports and encouraged participants to begin developing large-scale and sustainable BSI plans and appropriate data collection processes now. Participants especially appreciated the Q & A format of the program.

BSI Coordinators Workshop Fall 2011