LINKS: Merced-April 16, 2010

Welcome Everyone.  We have a lot of activities planned for today with some great speakers.

Session I – Student Panel: Thank you to Shantea Simon, Heather Bui, Deborah Iverson, and Iris Aldama

Session II – Presentation: “Barriers and Solutions for Improving Students’ Academic Performance and Completion: A Focus on Self-Regulation,” Myron Dembo, PhD


Session III, Part A – Group Work: Overcoming Obstacles to Student Success through Dembo’s 3-part Framework (see Session III-Part A handout, steps 1-5)

Session III, Part B – Individual Reflection and Planning: Overcoming Obstacles to Student Success through Dembo’s 3-part Framework (see Session II-Part B handout, step 6)

Session IV – Presentation: The California Community Colleges Network (3CSN)/An Invitation to Join (see Session IV-on Network)

Join the 3CSN

Session IV – Process for Building Professional Learning that Addresses Student Success Efforts: Next Steps (see Session V-Going Global, From Individual to Collective)


Dembo & Howard: Learning Styles Myths

Dembo, Motivation and Learning Strategies for College Success: Purchase Info

Center for Community College Student Engagement’s 2009 National Report

Survey of Entering Student Engagement–Effective Practice with Entering Students Report

Further Resources for Learner-Centered Syllabus Development:

Resources on Possible Selves

Brief on use of possible selves in education

PowerPoint on Possible Selves/Professional Development