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BSILI 2017 Teams Focus

We are very proud of all the hard work done by our BSILI teams! Here’s everyone’s focus!  

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BSILI 2016 Reflection Video!

One of our BSILI 2016 participating teams reflects on the experience and shares what’s next on their road to student success! Are you ready to be a part of the journey? Send a team to BSILI 2017!  

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BSILI 2014 group pic

Apply for 3CSN’s Ninth Annual Summer Leadership Institute – BSILI!

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BSILI 2014 group pic

Apply to Send a Team to BSILI 2016!

You are invited to submit an application to attend 3CSN’s 8th Annual Summer Leadership Institute: BSILI—Leadership for Curricular and Institutional Transformation June 12-17, 2016   Join with educators from your campus, district, or region, who are interested in developing leadership to support an initiative related to one of the following:  Basic Skills Transformation Grant Acceleration […]

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SSSC BSILI 2015 Post Conference Session — Oakland, CA (10/9/15)

 As part of your BSILI 2015 participation, you are invited to attend 3CSN’s special BSILI Post-Conference Session on Friday, October 9 from 10:30 AM-3 PM (including lunch).  3CSN will cover the post-conference registration fee for one member of your BSILI team.  Please have that person complete this EventBrite registration process so 3CSN has all of the information needed for registration purposes. There is no need to complete a separate conference registration.  

If you plan on attending the entire Strengthening Student Success conference, you will need to register yourself and pay for the conference separately. 






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Data Inquiry Group (DIG) Prep Academy

It’s What You’ve Been Waiting All Year For

Learn more about using data to examine the impact of your Professional Learning (PL) Hub initiative(s).  By the event’s end, your team will be ready to return home and launch a Data Inquiry Group (DIG) at your college with the continued support of 3CSN.

To prepare, review your PL Hub Initiative Logic Model from BSILI 2013.  Closer to the event, the 3CSN DIG Planning Group will send you some additional materials for review to inform our work together.  Should you have any questions, please contact any member of the 3CSN DIG Planning Group:

3CSN DIG Planning Group Members
Michael Harnar  michael@3csn.org
Jeanne Costello  jeanne@3csn.org
Ann Foster           ann@3csn.org


  • Accommodations: Sacramento Crowne Plaza Hotel, Friday night, 1/24/14
  • Meals:  
    • Friday, 1/24/14-Lunch and afternoon snacks
    • Saturday 1/25/14- Breakfast and lunch

Please contact Betina Vallin (betina@3csn.org or 213-891-2104) by January 9th to reserve a room at the Sacramento Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

The 3CSN DIG Planning Group

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Student Success Lives Here Spotlight: Los Medanos College

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A linguist and a librarian go up the mountain and meet a bunch of honey badgers.  They come back down as new-age dragon slayers determined to change peoples’ lives through a non-movement movement. What do you mean, you don’t get it? We are talking about BSILI, of course.  […]

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HoM Classification Presentation

Strengthening Student Success Conference 2012: What I Did on My Summer Vacation

For those of you who missed the post-conference session, it was AMAZING. Each of the Communities of Practice gave great reports on what they have accomplished thus far and where they are going next. Both the Acceleration and Reading Apprenticeship BSILI CoPs have two well established CoPs to latch onto and interact with (CAP and RAP, respectively.) […]

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BSILI Reunion at the SSS Conf

3CSN has a Big Presence @ the Strengthening Student Success Conference

This year’s Strengthening Student Success Conference (SSSC) in Costa Mesa was a great indicator of how broad and deep the network has grown since it’s inception four years ago.  Close to 20 presentations were given by 3CSN, BSILI, FTLA Alumnae during the Conference.  Topics covered 3CSN’s established Communities of Practice (CoP), the California Acceleration Project […]

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BSILI RA CoP Working on Logic Model (1)

BSILI 2012 – 17 Colleges and 44 Connected Faculty, Administration and Staff

t all began on a Sunday afternoon, with over 40 faculty, administrators and staff converging on the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center for a taste of 3CSN’s best − BSILI 2012 – Leadership for Curricular and Institutional Transformation. For some, it was straight out of the car and into the Iris Lodge where they were […]

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