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Northern CA Learning Assistance Project Sharing Event #1 (10/20/17) – Sierra College


Faculty, student leaders, coordinators, instructional aides and staff: Please join us as we introduce 3CSN’s Learning Assistance Project (LAP), share practices, and discuss how to create a wider learning assistance community, including participation in the statewide Tutor Expo in spring 2018.

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Greater Orange County Learning Assistance Project Sharing Event (10/20/17) – Santiago Canyon College

Calling all tutoring, supplemental instruction, and learning assistance (broadly) coordinators, directors, and others connected to postsecondary tutoring within the greater Orange County region! Join us for a morning of discussion, networking, and sharing to advance our community of practice. Topics will include:

  • Tutor Training
  • Preparing for Tutor Expo ’18
  • Leadership Training for Coordinators/Directors
  • The Role of Tutoring in Guided Pathways and Integrated Planning
  • Ways we can support each other’s programs (strengthening our community of practice)

Morning refreshments will be provided, and parking will be free. More details will be posted and emailed to registered participants.


Tentative Agenda

8:30 am – sign in and refreshments

9:00 am – welcome / introductions

9:10 am – think/pair/share (current issues)

9:30 am – read together (guided pathways activity)

10:00 am – break

10:10 am – discussion (guided pathways / integrated planning)

10:30 am – tutor training / Tutor Expo

11:00 am – who/what map activity

11:30 am – wrap up and evaluations


Please send any questions to Danny@3csn.org.




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Intro to Equity & CRTL Regional Event (9/29/17) – Riverside City College

The Intro to Equity and CRTL workshop will give participants an opportunity to engage in activities and learn tools that will support efforts in reducing equity and opportunity gaps and improving student success outcomes. Facilitators, Arnita Porter and Paula Brown, will provide tools and strategies for embedding CRTL and high-impact practices to create equity-minded classrooms and student services programs that are welcoming, supportive, and learning-centered. In this interactive workshop, participants will: 

1. be introduced to principles of Equity, CRTL, and Cultural Humility; 

2. engage in discussions to increase awareness and deepen their understanding of learning barriers, such as unconscious bias and stereotype threat; 

3. learn effective strategies for embedding equity and CRTL principles and practices into their daily practice;  

4. engage in activities to support their efforts in helping students reach their goals and improve student success outcomes. 

This regional event is open to instructors, counselors, classified staff, administrators, and all who are interested in building capacity for equity work. Join us to share ideas, network, and build community. 

Tentative Agenda: 

12:00 pm – Check-in, Working Lunch 

12:00 – 12:15 – Welcome, Introductions, Icebreaker 

12:15 – 1:00 – Session A, Activities

1:00 – 1:45 – Session B, Activities

1:45 – 2:00 – Break

2:00 – 3:00 – Session C, Activities

3:00 – 3:45 – Session D, Activities

3:45 – 4:00 – Reflections, Next Steps, Feedback 

Campus Map: HERE


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fall 2017 for eddie-1050597

Equity in Action at Riverside College!

The Equity Project presented “Designing a Cohesive Equity-Embedding Framework for SI Leaders, Tutors, and Embedded Tutors” at Riverside College on August 17, 2017.  This day-long program was attended by 60 tutors and SI leaders.  During the program, the EP coordinators introduced the principles of equity, CRTL, and cultural humility, led an engaging discussion on the […]

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Intro to RA Workshop (9/8/17) – Saddleback College

 Do your students struggle to do the reading in your class?

Do you ever wonder how to help them engage with the course texts? 

Do you feel like giving up on assigning reading?

Don’t give up . . . Our Students Can Read!

Reading Apprenticeship helps teachers support students across the disciplines and levels to become motivated, strategic, and critical readers, thinkers, and writers, to develop positive literacy identities, and to engage with challenging academic texts.

What to bring: One copy of a short text (1-2 pages) from one of the classes that you teach

Campus Map Information Comin Soon


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Intro to Habits of Mind for NCLN (9/8/17) – College of Marin

This introductory workshop guides participants in exploring and cultivating the Habits of Mind – intelligent behaviors/thinking dispositions – research has shown have the powerful potential to promote college and career success.  Using the Appreciative Inquiry framework, we will delve into how Habits of Mind, when mindfully and intentionally used, can and do support our educational practice, our classroom and campus cultures, and our students’ academic abilities and inclinations.

Room location: AC 255 (Academic Center)

Parking Information: Closest lots are 3, 2, and 16.

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Leadership Initiatives Conversation at ASCCC Event

In August 2017, ASCCC and 3CSN teamed up to facilitate a conversation with part-time faculty members from across the state of California about how to get more involved in statewide leadership initiatives. The purpose of the event was to break down some of the major state wide student success initiatives and to explore how part-time […]

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Growing the Growth Mindset Team!

Mary-Jo Apigo, Kimberly Manner, and Vicky Nesia, all of West Los Angeles College, presented an interactive session on the 20-years of research by Dr. Carol Dweck and other scholars that have identified fixed and growth mindsets, two contrasting approaches on how individuals think about and behave in the world.  The West Community College team demonstrated to […]

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Appreciative Inquiry Discussion Spurs Interest at ASCCC PT Faculty Event!

About 30 participants learned about the Appreciative Inquiry framework by making a large list of all the strengths students bring to class – socially, academically, culturally, interpersonally, etc.  Students were recognized by the group as being curious, having grit, possessing a strong sense of social justice, and overcoming hardship, to name but a few.   Beginning with strengths […]

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3CSN Save the Date: 2017-2018 Events!

The 3CSN Team continues to work on putting together events for educators throughout the state. Feel free to check on the updated Current Events page, which reflects our upcoming events for the academic year. We will update the page as registration information for our events becomes available! Also, be sure to check the Save the […]

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