2009 BSI Summer Institute

The 2009 BSI Summer Institute will be held from June 14-20th at San Francisco State University.

Details are available at the following link : http://bsili.edulounge.net/

Click here for logistical details.

In an intensive one-week pilot workshop you will work with colleagues and leaders throughout the state to look deeply into answering two fundamental questions:
  1. How can I help my college establish, advance and sustain a network that supports the success of our students, especially those who are underprepared for learning in college courses?
  2. How can we work together to create such networks among community colleges in California to support student success throughout our state?

Who should attend?

  • Basic Skills Coordinators
  • Faculty leaders of local basic skills efforts

Come to develop your understanding of:

  • Faculty inquiry
  • Networking
  • Communities of Practice
  • Professional learning
  • Institutional transformation
  • Evaluation

Leave with:

  • A plan to design a successful network on your campus – or improve on one you already have in place
  • Models of successful practice
  • Access to expertise that you need to help your students succeed
  • Connections to colleagues who share your passion and your interests!

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